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Elsa V.

Does size really matter?

When you day dream about your wedding, you probably haven't thought about the numbers much.  You may have thought big vs. small, but what does that really mean? As you begin your wedding planning, you'll find that your guest count is one of the few questions every vendor will ask.  So does it really matter?

When looking for a venue, you'll soon learn that a guest list of more than 150 puts you into the "Big Wedding" category.  Many venues max out at 150, and a few will let you inch up with an additional per person fee. So if you know you'll be over that number, even up to 500 + your venue choices become very limited.

What about a smaller wedding? One common thought is that because a couple is only having 60 guests or so, their wedding won't cost very much.  Yes, you'll have less people to feed, and go through less alcohol (probably), but you will still have all the same elements... a photographer, an officiator, some music, a dress, rings - and none of those things are based on how many guests you invite (or how many actually show up). So set your budget before you think of an "A-list" and "B-list," and then plan your details & guest list around that.