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Elsa V.

DIY - you or them?

DIY Weddings can be so much fun! If you're the crafty type this is your time to shine. For those that may not be so creative, DIY takes on a whole new meaning in the wedding world.

When you know what your talents are, finding a way to contribute to your wedding's decor is really wonderful. Your guests will get to admire what you do. But when you're not, you can still give off that DIY vibe by finding those things that you like on line. Not sure what you even like? Just type in the word wedding into pinterest and be prepared to be overwhelmed, in a good way. Once you get inspired, you can easily find those cute little (fill in the blank) on etsy or amazon and have them at your door in a couple of days.

Ok, so you didn't make anything, and you're not really into ordering stuff.... but you do have that aunt that offered to make your cake, the neighbor that wants to do your flowers, and your guy's aunts who will make you 1,000 origami cranes for your ceremony backdrop. Just say Yes!  I have found over the last 20 years that everyone really wants to be helpful and involved. That's why you immediately get asked things like "what are your colors?" or "Where are you holding the wedding?" Sometimes you feel pressured by it, but know they might be trying to ask how they can help without seeming pushy. They're thinking "do i have anything that's lavender?" or "That hotel didn't have a welcome signs last time i was there - maybe i can make her a chalk board one." Or maybe your girl friend is totally pushy and wanting to talk you into doing everything she would do if she were getting married! Either way, if you've seen what they can do, its wonderful to have some help that way... it takes a village.

Once you have your 'team' on board, do be clear with them about their responsibilities. You'll want to make sure you know exactly what they are doing, and what you'll need to fill in with. Maybe the neighbor wants to make your bouquet, but isn't into making 25 centerpieces. Don't assume anything, but do feel ok about having that conversation. You don't want to push them outside their comfort zone when they are giving you a gift. Also make sure you let them know well in advance when you'll need the (fill in the blank) to be delivered.

How else can friends and family help? Well, if its a home wedding or a site where you have total control, you may want to gather everyone to help set up tables and chairs - or move them after the ceremony. You can also have people pick up the lunch for the bridal party, or your liquor order from Bevmo.  Don't forget getting the gifts back to your house while you're on the Honeymoon.There is so much that you can get help with if you ask.

DIY weddings comes in many forms, but at the end of the day you'll be happy with all the ways people show you how much they love the both of you!