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Elsa V.

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time when family does its best to get together. We travel near and far to make it home.  And for many of us, its only for a day. Some of us are able to make it last a whole weekend. Either way,  we celebrate being together.  A wedding is just like that!

This time of year is when many couples will be getting engaged. CONGRATULATIONS to you!! What a wonderful time to celebrate. So rather than feel overwhelmed, just enjoy all the love and well-wishes coming your way.

When planning, I like to think of weddings just like Thanksgiving. We invite family and friends to come join us and help us celebrate for a day, or maybe a weekend.  And they do! They come from all over the world to be with us, and we can feel the love.

Like Thanksgiving, we spend time thinking of the meal, the drink, and who will sit where. Are we going to play games? Are we going to have music? And whats for dessert? Don't forget to think about getting that family photo too.

So when you're on the planning path, make sure every so often to step back and give thanks for those in your life. You'll soon be surrounded by loved ones, no matter if you've planned a 5 course meal, or a pot luck picnic. Your family will be there for you because they love you, and you'll feel grateful that you were able to include them in such an amazing moment in your life.